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Corbin, Henry - Qazvini



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 A mixture of sources I decided to group under Corbin.

The description is of an elaborate Iranian scheme of the seven kešvars,  known nations or spiritual soul groupings into six connected circles surrounding the central Êrânšahr.  It was described by Abu Rayhân Biruni, using a sketch map, reproduced by Yâqut (Boldân I, p. 27). The Ketâb al-tafhim, attributed to Biruni, and the anonymous Mojmal al-tawârikh (ed. Bahâr, pp. 478-81) gave a simpler version of the scheme.

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'Abd-al-Razzâq  - Qazvini, about 620

...the earth is divided into four directions (Ch) from one end to the other, and (also) into seven parts (haft bahr), each part of which they called a kešvar. The first is Arzah, the second Ša-bah, the third Faradadafš, the fourth Vidadafš, the fifth Vurubarst, the sixth Vurujarst, (and) the seventh, which is the centre of the world, Khoniras-e bâmi (splendid Khoniras), and it is the one wherein we are, and the kings called it Êrânšah.

Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth – Henry Corbin [translated by Nancy Pearson] 1977

The schema of the surface of the Earth, as projected here by the active Imagination [trance/dream] is as follows.  In the beginning, the Earth was established as a continuous whole, but because of oppression by the demonic powers …. it was divided into seven keshvars.  This word should be understood as representing something analogous to the Latin orbis….

There is the central keshvar called Xvaniratha (which means something like ‘luminous wheel’), the extent of which in itself alone is equal to that of all the six other keshvars, which are arranged round it and separated from one another by the cosmic ocean that surrounds them.  There is one eastern keshvar, one western keshvar, two to the north, two to the south.  The keshvar on the eastern side Is called Savahi; the one on the western side, Arezahi; the two keshvars to the south are Fradadhafshu and Vidadhafshu; the two to the north are Vourabareshti and Voujareshti.  The mythical ocean surrounding and dividing them is called Vourakasha.

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Corbin, Henry

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