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Monroe, Robert - 'Sex' in the Second State



Type of Spiritual Experience


The technology used was hemi-sync

A description of the experience

Journeys out of the body – Robert Monroe

 From this, it can be seen that the sex drive was never actually conquered. Instead, it was set aside, put off for the moment while I fully recognized and acknowledged its existence.

Actually, the idea came from what used to be called the “Gene Autry love scene." In his typical Western, Gene would fight the villains to save the girl, and lead her to the corral fence. He would move close to her and make remarks about how pretty her hair was, just like a sorrel. The girl, with love in her eyes, would move in. Just as you (and the girl) were sure he was going to kiss her - even after she had asked him to kiss her - old Gene would say, "I shore will, Susy Jane – but first: I want to sing you a little song.”   And from nowhere, he'd pull out a guitar and sing about horses. After the song, he never did kiss the girl because the picture ended before he got around to it.

The idea of delaying instead of denying proved to be the means of emancipation from the domination of the sex drive. The drive remained, and still does, and will return given the least opportunity. And those opportunities do arise in the Second State but in a different form.

"Different" is actually a very inadequate description. The sexual action-reaction in the physical seems but a pale imitation or a feeble attempt to duplicate a very intimate Second State form of communion and communication which is not at all "sexual" as we understand the term. In the physical drive for sexual union, it is as if we are somehow remembering dimly the emotional peak that occurs among people in the Second State, and translating it into a sexual act.

If you find this difficult to accept, try to examine objectively your own sexual desires specifically, without the conditioning factors to which you have been exposed. Take away the rules and taboos, and look closely without emotional bias. It can be done. Perhaps you too will wonder how mankind could have been so greatly misdirected.

Here is the closest possible analogy to the Second State experience, of which physical sexuality is merely a shadow.

 If the opposite charged poles of electrostatics could "feel” as the unlike ends approach one another, they would 'need" to come together. There is no barrier that can restrain it. The need increases progressively with nearness. At a given point of nearness, the need is compelling; very close, it is all-encompassing; beyond a given point of nearness, the attraction-need exerts tremendous pull and the two unlikes rush together and envelop one another.

 In an immediate moment, there is a mind(soul?)-shaking interflow of electrons, one to the other, unbalanced charges become equalized, peaceful contended balance is restored, and each is revitalised. All this happens in an instant, yet an eternity passes by.

 Afterward, there is a calm and serene separation.

 It is as normal and natural as this. It may be difficult to reduce this vital functional emotion to a simple and truly natural need, to nothing more or less than the application of a law of physics at another level. Yet many tests consistently support this premise.

 The distillate of this conclusion did not come easily, as there were almost insurmountable barriers to overcome.

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Monroe, Robert

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