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Morrells, Luce and the house boat



Type of Spiritual Experience


Neither Luce nor I can work out whether this was a visit to Mary's 'boat' or whether it is a lesson for her


A description of the experience

Mary's island

All this happened in a dream.  I woke up and it was still really vivid in my memory so I was able to recall it afterwards.  I had a picture of an island surrounded by a large expanse of calm water.  The island wasn't particularly big and I was viewing it from the air.  It reminded me of the view you get from a plane when flying in to Amsterdam airport, the water had that same calm look of the water you get in all the lakes formed from the reclaiming of land round there.

The scene switched and we were in a houseboat.  A lovely warm place with a kitchen with units in blue – a sort of lightish sky blue – and the door knobs were large wooden ones, chunky and homely.  Small windows I think with wooden frames and gingham curtains with the lacy half curtains you see in Amsterdam sometimes.  The kitchen seemed very large for a houseboat, it sort of grew in size during the dream to accommodate more and more of the people that came in.  The place was full and someone said it was Mary’s birthday and this was her island.  I didn't recognise anyone and never saw Mary and I wasn't quite sure why I was there, but everyone was really nice to me, they all said hello and offered me food and drink.  A very welcoming place.  I went through into the next room and there appeared to be a huge number of rooms in this houseboat.  It seemed to sort of expand and expand the more I went on.

Then in one room I saw 5 little girls.  All pretty much identical, auburn hair, freckles, slightly largish head for the size of their bodies, pale faces, they were of different ages I think, but not much could have separated them, little more than a year.  They were quite precocious, or maybe I should say adult in their behaviour, not really like children at all.  They asked me who I was and I replied, but I don't remember them saying anything else.

Then the scene switched and I was out in the garden.  It was on a hill by the boat, which looked smaller than the number of rooms it seemed to have.  It was laid out with winding paths lit by Japanese lanterns and had a Japanese feel to it.  It was immaculately kept with clipped hedges and little round trees in a sort of lollipop shape  I walked round it just thinking how beautiful and peaceful it was.  No one was in it, all the people seemed to be in the houseboat.

Then all of a sudden I was in another scene, a train in rather grim ordinary suburbia being whisked by house after house in a semi dark place with the street lights lighting the gloom.  I saw a street all gloomy and empty, the contrast between the houseboat and this place was huge – heaven and hell!

Then I was back again. In the houseboat.  But there was a difference, waves seemed to be making it go up and down all over the place, the boat was rocking around almost like an earthquake had hit it.  I realise now these may be a visual pun, something or someone may be 'making waves' and  something may be 'rocking the boat', but there was no indication what or who was doing it.

Then I woke up.

The source of the experience

Morrells, Luce

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