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Gardner, Ingrid - Cliffs and the abyss



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Not a good dream this. We were walking along the cliff path above a wild and stormy sea, grey menacing and we were high high up, so high the waves although massive appeared small. We were going from left to right – the sea on my left. The other part of the dream was my husband, who had really upset me that evening with something he had said that really hurt me.

At one point we came to a place where the cliff path turned inland. At this point he walked towards the edge and stood on a grassy embankment that jutted out over the sea and blithely said, ‘it’s Ok, I think there’s a way down here’. But the whole of the cliff face had been undermined at this point and the drop was miles and miles. I froze with fear absolutely froze, he just stood there seemingly unaware of the amount of erosion that had taken place or the outcome of what he was doing.

Having woken up in a cold sweat from this dream I think I understand the symbolism all too well ……………..

My first brush with the abyss.

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Gardner, Ingrid

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