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Monroe, Robert - Hearing the hiss



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The technology used was hemi-sync

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Journeys out of the body – Robert Monroe

 The first unexplained effect was the cramp or constriction, as reported earlier. Several weeks later, this was followed by the sensation of a "ray" from the north, with resultant catalepsy. Cautious experimentation brought the discernment of the vibration sensation.

This sensory impression was later discovered to be reported consistently in the experiences of spiritualists, occultists, and others in the late nineteenth century. It still is referred to casually in much underground talk.

 The vibrational sensory effect was the single consistent symptom throughout the Beginning Stage. However, it appeared to be evolutionary. The early vibrations seemed to be rough, sometimes accompanied by a visual image of a localized ring of electrical "sparks." The frequency was of the order of ten cycles per second, according to visual clock-timing. At the conclusion of the Beginning Stage, the frequency had increased to approximately eighteen c.p.s., with much less discomfort to the physical body. This effect was induced willfully some 59 per cent of the time in the latter portions of the period.

The second effect was the awareness of a high-pitched "hiss" heard softly yet constantly in the aural centers. Once established, it continued uninterrupted throughout the period.

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Monroe, Robert

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