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Escher - Reflection in puddle



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There is the possibility that Escher's birth was difficult too, but I could find no firm proof of this.

Escher was the embodimemt of Schopenhauer’s man without will – the person able to subjugate will and reason and thereby gain from inspiration.  The work is called Sky and Water.

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The World as Will and Idea – Arthur Schopenhauer

Yet this faculty must exist in all human beings in a smaller and different degree, for if not, they would be just as incapable of enjoying works of art as of producing them; they would have no susceptibility for the beautiful or the sublime; indeed these terms would have no meaning for them.  But, setting aside their personality for a moment, there are some men who are capable of no aesthetic pleasure at all [and these are the men who are incapable of subjugating will]

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Escher, M C

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