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Corbin, Henry - Dhu’l-Nun



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Spiritual Body and Celestial Earth – Henry Corbin [translated by Nancy Pearson] 1977

Then Dhu’l-Nun describes at length the wonders of that Earth in words reminiscent of the traditional stories about the mountain Qaf, which is the psycho-cosmic mountain, like the Var of Yima.  There he visited the land of silver, the land of white camphor, the land of saffron.  He describes its wonders and beauties, the charm and gentleness of the creatures who people it, their simple customs, the minerals and precious stones, the colours which adorn it.  The light which reigns there is not that of the physical sun but nevertheless night and day alternate, just as with us.  However, the darkness of the nights there is never a veil; it never prevents an object from being seen.  There they engage in combat which is merely a game without hatred or wounds.  Sea voyages are undertaken and enlivened by shipwrecks; for water is not a hostile element.  It does not endanger life.  They walk on its surface until they come back to shore.  There are also earthquakes on that earth more violent even than those on our earthly earth..

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Corbin, Henry

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