Spiritual concepts

Memory and systems

The entire database which is our Memory actually consists of a collection of mental models of various systems of the universe – both natural and man made.

Various factors determine how a mental model is developed – personality, emotions, objectives and so on, and thus determine what mental models we build.  At any one time we may have a number of parts of the entire mental model on the go and actively being built, a few ideas floating around with nowhere to go, but on the other hand of interest just because, for example of their novelty.  We may also have old models which we have in a sense ‘archived’ – they are there still, but we don’t use them.

So, we may have several mental models on the go at once, but one predominating one and if we suddenly change from one to another we may also appear to have undergone a transformation – almost a change of personality because we behave differently.


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