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He had been in a bubble that seemed like a womb and that he just seemed to go back and back in time



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Love is the Link – Dr Pamela Kircher

One woman shared her fifteen-year-old son's NDE that occurred when he had fallen into a coma from meningitis. At the time, she was several states away on a trip, but at the moment that he fell ill she felt absolutely compelled to go home immediately.

When she got home, she discovered a note on his aunt’s door saying that someone had taken him to the emergency room. When she got there, the doctors told her that there was almost no chance that he would recover and if he did, he would be severely brain-damaged. In spite of all predictions, the boy awoke fully in two or three days and went on to a complete recovery.

Over the six years since the episode, he had never talked to his mother about what he had experienced while he was comatose.

When she was reading a book about NDEs, it occurred to her that he might have had one during that episode. So when he next visited her home, she asked him about it. He answered in the affirmative, but said that he didn't much like to talk about it because it was so difficult to describe. When pressed, he told her that he had been in a bubble that seemed like a womb and that he just seemed to go back and back in time. He also said that it was a wonderful feeling of peace and painlessness. He hadn't specifically thought of it as an NDE, however, because it didn't involve a tunnel and he didn't see the Light. All that was typical of an NDE was the feeling of peace and painlessness.

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