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S'RÎMAD BHÂGAVATAM – Canto 11, Chapter 05 – Of those who kill their soul and miss the peace



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CANTO 11:  Krishna's Final Instructions

From Chapter 5: Nârada Concludes His Teachings to Vasudeva

 (5) Even intellectuals, nobles and traders who got access to the lotus feet of the Lord, lose their way in their commitment to philosophies of life

 (6) Ignorant about karmic matters they, who factually lack in experience but proudly consider themselves very learned, are enchanted by the beauty of the [Vedic] language and express themselves in flattering entreaties [to the demigods] that lead them astray

 (7) Full of passion, with evil desires and lusty, they are as angry as snakes, deceitful and conceited and sinfully make fun of the ones dear to Acyuta.

(8) In their homes arranged for the sake of sexuality they speak amongst each other about the blessings of their worship of women. Killing animals without considering the consequences, they are of sacrifice for the sake of their own maintenance only and have no regard for the distribution of food and gifts in gratitude

 (9) With their intelligence blinded by pride about their wealth, special abilities, lineage, education, renunciation, beauty, strength and performance of rituals, they hard-hearted deride the saintly souls dear to the Lord, nor respect the Controller Himself

(10) Less intelligent persons do not hear about the most worshipable Lord glorified in the Vedas, the Supreme Soul who, as the ether, is eternally situated in all embodied beings. They rather discuss the [materialistic] ideas that keep them going.

(11) In the material world the conditioned soul is always led by sexual intercourse, meat-eating and intoxication [by alcohol and drugs] in disregard of the scriptural injunctions..


(17) All those who kill their soul and miss the peace, presume in their ignorance to have knowledge but in due course of time suffer the destruction of all their hopes and dreams when they fail to fulfill their [spiritual] duties.

(18) Those who turned their face away from Vâsudeva unintentionally enter the darkness, as is arranged by the illusory energy of the Supreme Soul, when they [at the end of their life] leave behind their homes, children, friends and wives.'

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