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Whitton, Dr Joel - The social worker who experienced seven Bardos



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Life between life – Dr Joel Whitton and Joe Fisher

I feel a definite physical change in trance after passing through a previous death. My body expands and fills the entire room. Then I'm flooded with the most euphoric feelings I have ever known. These feelings are accompanied by total awareness and understanding of who I truly am, my reason for being and my place in the universe.

Everything makes sense; everything is perfectly just.

It's wonderful to know that love is really in control. Coming back to normal consciousness, you have to leave behind that all-encompassing love, that knowledge, that reassurance. When I'm at a low ebb, when life is particularly unpleasant, I almost wish for death because I know it would mean my return to a marvellous state of being.

I used to be frightened of dying. Now I have no fear of death whatsoever.

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Whitton, Dr Joel

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