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MacLaine, Shirley - Kevin 08



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Out on a Limb – Shirley MacLaine

"Excuse me, please," I said. "Could I just ask you about me? I'm having enough trouble just relating to that."

"Of course," said John. "You must proceed at your own pace."

“'Okay," I said, relieved. "Thank you. So Gerry and I were man and wife. Does that mean we were twin souls?"

"No. But you were and are a twin soul of the entity you call David."

I stopped him. "You know about David, too?"

"That is correct. You had several lifetimes with the David entity during that early period, as well as many others down through the march of time."

Maybe that was why I felt so comfortable with David now. But John was continuing. "Your David is a good teacher and you can trust him. But we feel that you already feel that. You must learn to trust your feelings more and refrain from approaching so many issues in life from strictly an intellectual perspective. Intellect as a marvel is limited. Feelings are limitless. Trust your heart. . . or your intuition, as you term it."

Trust my intuition? Yes, I could see that as I thought back on my life I could fairly say that whenever I went against my intuition I got in trouble. "You're saying that if we all follow what is in our hearts we'll be fine?"

"No. Not necessarily. There are wrong, or hurtful, feelings to be overcome. But mankind, and all life, is basically good. You must learn to give it a chance. Life represents the thought of God and God is love."

Frankly, all this talk of "God" was embarrassing me. "Okay." I said, "but what do you call God?"

"God, or the God Force, of which all things are a part," said John, "is the Divine Energy that created the Universe and holds it together harmoniously."

"You would describe what's going on here as harmonious?”

"In the ultimate scheme of life, yes, it is harmonious in the sense that matters are balancing out. But you must understand the process of each soul's progress and reembodiment and purification to understand the harmony."

"Wait a minute," I said. "Isn't the Bible supposed to be the Word of God?"

"Yes, in the main it is. Although much of what exists in your Bible today has been reinterpreted."

"Reinterpreted by whom?"

"By various persons through time and through various languages. Ultimately, by the Church. It was to the advantage of the Church to 'protect the people' from the real truth."

“The real truth being what?"

“The real truth being the process of each soul's progression through the ages. The real truth being each soul's responsibility for its own behavior in the realization of its own divinity."

"You mean reincarnation?"

“That is correct. That is the word you use to term it. That is the carrying out of Cosmic Justice toward an ultimate harmony."

“Well, would the Church deny us that truth?"

"Yes, because such a truth would make the power and the authority of the Church unnecessary. Each-person, that is, each entity, becomes responsible to itself for its conduct. It does not need a church, It does not need rituals, and stratifications, and cubbyholes to crawl into to get absolution issued by the Church. Let us say simply that the authorities in the Church desired to 'shelter' mankind from a truth they felt you were not prepared for."

"You mean in somewhat the same spirit that governments act today?"

“As such."

I stretched out on my carpet. I didn't know what to think, nor could I think of any more questions. Kevin sat impassively in the chair. The tea on the table was cold.

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MacLaine, Shirley

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