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Clark, Fay Marvin – Into the Light – Prophesying one’s own death, Hell and reincarnation



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Nagual = Higher spirit

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Into the Light – Fay Marvin Clark

The Mayans in the rural areas and small villages seem to possess a keen awareness of approaching transition; and death, unless by accident, seldom comes as a surprise. It is generally announced by the owl. The natives accept death as only a change and usually refrain from showing grief in order not to delay the nagual from leaving.

In some areas, after the prayers have been said, a member of the family will give the body twelve light lashes with a small twig in the belief that this will hasten the separation of the nagual from the body.

The souls of very evil persons, sorcerers and suicides, go directly to Metnal (Hell) where they remain until they change their way of life. Then they are permitted to return to physical life through rebirth. (We found that all Mayans believe in reincarnation unless the Church has convinced them otherwise.)………………….

The Mayans, while not fatalistic, have one thing in common with the Esquimaux and a few other groups of [indigenous] peoples. Many of the older Mayans have been known to announce that their time had come and, though not even ill, have, after making final arrangement, lain down and quietly died.

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