Spiritual concepts


Hell is the collection of Demon processes, in effect the definition of hell, is ‘the place where all the rogue processes devised by human beings is stored’.  The concept that there is fire in hell is simply the symbolic equivalent of anti-virus software – burning away evil and dross, trying to make clean again.

It is a place of very low vibrations – one goes ‘down’ vibrationally to see Hell [as Dante did] – see Levels and Layers.  The Egg map shows where it is.

Theologica Germanica - Nothing burns in hell but the self

Beowulf – Introduction – Michael Alexander - The monsters are human: they are us

We do not go to hell when we die; we go ,if indeed we need to, to the Fire level and Purgatory.  And we don't stay there. 
If we have a hell it is ours - the hate and hurt we have done or which has been inflicted on us.  Hell is the home of HURT and HATE in all its various forms.

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
I sent my soul through the Invisible
Some better of that After-life to spell
And by and by my soul returned to me
And answered ‘I myself am Heaven and Hell’
Heaven but the Vision of fulfilled Desire
And Hell the shadow from a soul on fire
Cast on the darkness into which Ourselves
So late emerged from, shall so soon expire

Goethe – Faust part 1 - They never know the devil is about, not even when he has them by the collar



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