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Boehme, Jacob - Aurora - Demons and adversity



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Symbolic but useful in that Boehme makes the connection between demons as a driving force and the link between demons and adversity and pain.  Out of hell we are driven to make heaven.

I have made the connection too between LOVE as the creative force and HATE [or hurt] as the destructive force.  Occasionally destruction is required before creation can take place and love find its place.

A description of the experience

Jacob Boehme – Aurora – Chapter 19

45.  While thou livest in this struggling or striving birth or geniture thou must buckle to, and suffer the devil to ride upon thee ; but so hard as he striketh thee, so hard thou must strike him again, if thou wilt defend thyself. For when thou fightest against him, thou stirrest up his wrath-fire, and destroyest his nest, and this is then as a great combustion, and as a great strong battle maintained against him.

46. And though thy body may suffer pain, yet it is much worse with him when he is vanquished, for then he roareth like a lion that is robbed of her young whelps, for the fierceness tormenteth him; but if thou lettest him lodge within thee, then he growth fat and wanton, and will vanquish thee in time.

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Boehme, Jacob

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