Does heaven exist? With well over 100,000 plus recorded and described spiritual experiences collected over 15 years, to base the answer on, science can now categorically say yes. Furthermore, you can see the evidence for free on the website allaboutheaven.org.

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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Common steps and sub-activities

Expunging demons

At birth our soul is like the copy of a computer package that a vendor may sell us, with its archetypal human functions.  Except that it does have a Personality.  As we learn, we start to do what many computer people do and that is we write our own programs and set up our own databases on the computer, [learning and memory] so it  becomes progressively more and more unique over time.  The soul is thus not a static thing but an evolving thing.

In addition to the functions we are born with, therefore, we may also have many learnt  functions – the functions in memory that we have learnt as a result of our environment and what has happened to us. 

And a small number of these may be ‘demons’ – learnt functions that are deeply destructive to us and others.  Viruses.

Our objective in this process is thus to ‘discover the demons!’ and  via a mixture of spiritual experience and direct acts in a conscious state, we aim to eliminate these functions.  By eliminating them we remove a truly major block to both progress along the spiritual path and any form of positive spiritual experience.

You may through drugs or extreme fear or any number of other overload emotions get hallucinations and visions, but that will be about it and they will be progressively nastier and nastier to the point where you will live in terror of the gradually growing demons you have created.  A sort of Freddie Cruger style nightmare.

Eventually you will be sick, truly sick.

Eliminate the demons and you will be able to move forward onto far more productive and peaceful experiences and your health may improve.

Demons can however, be total blocks to any form of experience because they keep creating memories that fill the mind and occupy the Will.

Get rid of all these memories and the Will can calm down and be at peace.  And once it is at peace – idling along, the composer can take over and you will get a spiritual experience in line with the way you are feeling – happy.


In the first place I think we need to take a reality check. 


We are all born with a human being package of functions.  Functions include negative emotions such as  anger, jealousy, lust, joy and despair, happiness and sadness, love and hate, scorn and indifference the whole gamut of functionality.  This is nature, this is the spirit world, this is reality.  We all get everything.  These are not viruses.

Occasionally these functions – if we let them – can be triggered.  This can be bad news .  But all these given emotions can be handled by Reducing and controlling emotions.  So a triggered emotion is not a learnt function – a home grown, home written virus.


We also get a Personality that cannot be changed, something that makes us recognisable as us, an almost indefinable set of characteristics – attributes that may become submerged by life, but are still there hidden. This is not a virus, this is us and something we have to live with – I have looked at this in the section know yourself. 

Viruses and morality

At one time it was perfectly acceptable to bonk anything that walked your way, but once the ten commandments came along it suddenly became wrong. 

At one time it was totally unacceptable for a woman to drink in a public house, now it happens all the time. 

At one time, it was perfectly acceptable for man to kill his fellow man, then the ten commandments came along and although it certainly didn’t stop, it was suddenly wrong.

Man-made all these laws and regulations, and certainly helpful in making the world a nicer place to live – one in which you feel safer and happier.  Good for spiritual experience because it minimises threats.  But this is man judging man, there is no such judgement in the spiritual world.  The only rule in the spiritual world is DON’T HURT.

Thus whether something is a virus  or not is not based on moral judgements.  This is an absolutely key point.  It is not ‘virtue based’ or ‘commandment based’ or based on any man-made laws.  There are no common moral laws in this world, although we have been able to see that very similar laws help society function much better.  I have nothing against moral laws as long as it is accepted that they can change and are man-made, but where we should be careful is to assume spiritual progress is based on them.  It isn’t.

The demon

No a virus  - a demon - is something we have picked up or learnt.  We are looking for viruses like bullying, and pulling the wings off butterflies or locking your little dog in a cage and leaving it all day, stealing, rape, or abusing your wife or child, or sick humour - thinking it is funny to give a little baby a name like dumbo – these are viruses.

The only way to judge whether you have a virus or not is to see whether it is destroying things – hurting.  It could be destroying you, your health, your peace of mind and it could be destroying others. 

If it hurts, if it destroys, if it causes pain, it's a virus.

You also know a virus because few other people have it.  You may have picked it up from someone else you see and you don’t realise.  Like trick or treat.

Our parents have a rather particular responsibility for making us what we are because they have such a huge influence on us when we are young.  Their patterns of behaviour imprint on us, many of us end up as the behavioural clones of our parents.  So they may have given us viruses too. 

And we may have picked up a virus from TV or the radio, the newspapers,  or from a video or DVD, they are I am afraid quite a nasty source of viruses.  And school… and work!

Like AIDS you can pick them up anywhere and they will hurt you and hurt others.

If I use our soul diagram I can show this by symbolically putting little black spots in the places where detrimental processes may have appeared [see below].  We have emotions, perception, reasoning power, Will, a specific nervous system and 5 senses.  Our Higher spirit is a given.  Our Personality is a given – although it helps to get to know who you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are. 

But as you can see, the real ‘black spots’ of negativity are found in the learnt function and this is what we are wanting to tackle.


There are three types of demon – see Demons – types of demon 

  • Demons that we have created
  • Demons of our way of life
  • Demons inflicted on us

Whichever they are we have to knock ‘em for six!!  Humans invented them, we have to get rid of them.

This is a multi pronged attack – some very active and some slightly more passive.  Some which involve spiritual experience and some which don’t.

Using suppression based spiritual experience

Healing yourself - It is possible to go to psychologists, hypnotherapists and psychotherapists to help heal the wounds of others and to expunge demons.  But it is also possible to help yourself using the suppression based techniques to obtain spiritual experience.  In days past dreams, visions and hallucinations were often used to achieve this aim.  The advantage of using suppression rather than overload is that you never add to the demons.  The suppression based techniques that work well to help you confront your demons and expunge them symbolically, include 

  • Sexual stimulation – which then acts simply as a means of achieving an experience where you may have a vision or out of body experience
  • Dreaming and lucid dreaming – which are very effective as long as you remember to confront the demons.  Note that nightmares are a sure sign that you have a demon somewhere
  • Relaxation – which can then produce the equivalent of a waking lucid dream
  • Stimulation via triggering  -  with the objective of inducing the waking equivalent of a lucid dream 

Facing demons using drugs

There may be a place for certain drugs when you attempt to confront extremely vicious deep seated demons.  Drugs have their effects from overload, and this site does not advocate drugs, however, in one off situations with a specific objective such as this they might have their uses. LSD appears to have been very successful in this context and I have provided a few more examples where drugs such as Ibogaine have produced results. 

It should be noted that the problem with using drugs is that one does not know whether one is expunging a demon of your own creating, fighting with an image constructed from the fear that often results from the prolonged time drugs take to wear off,  or is fighting with the Spirit being that controls the drug – the latter is not at all uncommon especially with the man-made and more vicious drugs.

A ‘bad trip’ is in an indicator of demon presence.

Facing demons within the spiritual realm

The most common reaction when faced with a demon in any dream, hallucination or vision is to run away.  This does not help.  Demons have to be faced whether they are yours or demons imposed on you.

Whether you are being pursued or being attacked, the golden rule is stop running, face the attacker and don’t give in to the attack.  Defend yourself by all means, but I have gathered enough evidence now to convince me that symbolically destroying the demon does not help, it is important to know what the demon represents

In this respect Observation 000998 – dealing with demons may be especially helpful, in that it provides suggestions for the sorts of questions that you can pose to the demon to establish what it represents.

In effect, if we apparently destroy the demon, all we have done is suppress the problem not solved it.  We have to know what it is before we react to it.

Demons have a tendency to grow in size depending on the power they have attained.  Thus suppose you have a fear – a quite horrible dread - of spiders.  This is learnt function, so it is a  demon.  You may see this fear represented in your dreams or drug induced hallucinations as a truly enormous black widow spider. 

Don’t run, don’t hide, face it. 

By facing it, you face the fear and you may defeat it by facing it.  Because all things in dreams, visions and hallucinations are not physical they are software like creations, they cannot harm you, so this is an opportunity rather than a time of terror.

Ogden Nash – from the Adventures of Isabel

Once in a night as black as pitch
Isabel met a wicked witch.
The witch's face was cross and wrinkled,
The witch's gums with teeth were sprinkled.
Ho, ho, Isabel! The old witch crowed,
I'll turn you into an ugly toad!
Isabel, Isabel, didn't worry,
Isabel didn't scream or scurry
She showed no rage, she showed no rancour
But she turned the witch into milk – and drank her.

There is another thing we can do with a demon in a spiritual experience – we can forgive it. 

Forgiveness heals.

Send it love.  Show it understanding

After the experience  Being comforted is also a great help. 

Expulsion by ritual and ceremony

Another hugely effective way in which demons can be expunged is through the use of ritual and ceremony.  ‘Magic’! 

An atmosphere has to be created of solemnity equal to the demon you have, as well as one in which you feel safe.  The ceremony must not hurt, but your Subconscious has to take it seriously, because you are using the child in you, with all its sense of wonder at ‘magical acts’ to get rid of the demon for you.

Candles, drums, magic crystals, crosses, pictures of saints and good people, warmth, magic objects like swords and goblets, repetitive incantations, chanting, all help.  Special clothes can also help or nakedness.  The use of water [warm comforting] ritually – washing away faulty processes is also effective.  White and blue are good colours to use afterwards, red and fire colours before hand – again burning away dross. The use of fire is hugely effective symbolically [not literally!]

The observation I have provided of Michael Crichton’s ‘exorcism’ was well done by his kindly helpers.  I have provided some other examples of exorcisms that worked.  You are in a sense ‘possessed’ by the demon you have created or by the demon someone else has created, so this is technically speaking an ‘exorcism’.  You could be possessed by your drug habit, so this approach is valid whatever the demon. 

Expulsion using art

Demons do not like beauty, art, music, creative acts or love, thus one very effective way to remove them is by drowning them in all these things on a very regular basis.  You think I joke?  I do not, many an artist has expunged his demons by continually painting them – using his or her artistic talents to make them visual and thus capable of being dealt with.  Here we can turn to all the suggestions in the section 

Beauty art and music

I have provided a number of examples of artists, poets and writers [see observations] who attempted to use their work to expunge their demons – sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t,  sometimes it worked, but they kept on creating new ones by their actions!

 So whatever you do, once they are gone, make sure they don’t come back by repeating what put them there in the first place! 


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