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Tito Vignoli - Carmen



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Here are some examples of invocations of functions  - arousing and calming storms, destroying or improving the harvest, healing of disease, aiding childbirth.  Although the source of the information is Vignoli,  he is describing various shamanic cultures……

A description of the experience

Tito Vignoli – On Dreams, Illusions, Hallucinations, Delirium and Madness

Magic, which is the primitive expression of fetishtic [sic] power, embodied in a man, had its most efficacious form in the utterance of words, cries, whispers or songs, referring to the malign or to the healing and beneficent arts, and it was employed to arouse or to calm storms, to destroy or improve the harvest or for like purposes.

Beginning with the traditions of our race, even prior to dispersion, there are plain proofs that words and songs were originally employed for exorcisms and magic in various diseases, and for incantations directed against men or things……………….

The Patagonians to quote a single instance from among savages, drive away the evil spirits of diseases with magic songs, accompanied by drums on which demons are painted

……………….The goddess carmenta, who was supposed to watch over childbirth, derived her name from Carmen, the magic formula which was used to aid the delivery.   

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Listening to beating sounds
Singing spells