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Eusevgny Faygdish – Mystic Cosmos - Black and white as a metaphor



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Eusevgny Faygdish – Mystic Cosmos

Indian tradition distinguishes four kinds of karma: black, black-white, white and neither black nor white.

  • Black karma is established as a result of an immoral or deprived life. It can itself be divided into two. 
    • The karma caused by negative actions towards other people: insults, slander, selfish intrigues, humiliation, theft and so on; or
    • the karma caused by the negative states of one's own soul: envy, lack of faith, stubbornness, ignorance, cynicism etc.
  • White karma is formed by bliss or peace of mind.
  • White-black karma is traditionally connected with a person's external behaviour, to what extent the person’s actions result unintentionally in good or bad effects.  Thus the difference with black karma is that any bad effect is unintentional and usually does not do too much harm.

In its hidden state the karma may actively 'attract' situations that create such conditions. This way the law of similarity works. Only ‘discharge’ or annihilation of the emotion affecting this  ‘karmic fruit’ is able to break the chain.

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