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Braveheart - Meets a dreadful demon



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Rhiannon - his third helper

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I seem to be hovering over a coastline. In the corners of my eyes I see bright shimmering like lightning flashes. The coast seems desolate and featureless. The sky is not clear - it is filled with mist and spray. I move in the sky parallel to the coastline. There is nothing to see but desolation. In the sea just off the shore there appears a swirl of water. It gathers speed and becomes a whirlpool. I am drawn inexorably to the whirlpool and am positioned above it.

I stare down into the vortex trying to work out what I must do. A huge head slowly rises from the vortex. It is a hideous countenance. Masses of brown curly hair. A cruel mouth with yellow teeth. It is shouting and rising towards me. I cannot move. The sky darkens around me. The head closes in on me, mouth widening. I look from side to side - nothing. The shouting is "Qul! Qul! Qul!" It is horrible.

I start to spin. I turn faster and faster. I feel paralysed. I feel desperate. I shout "knee!" I feel a powerful jet of air hit me. I am forced down on my back. A huge being is climbing over me. It is a kind of giant man covered in hair with the head that came out of the vortex. I realise that I must fight, maybe to the death. The giant seems to grow in size and cover me. I feel suffocated. I feel things touching me and forcing themselves upon me.

I set my face and focus my thoughts straight in front of me. I try to fill my mind with good images. As soon as I summon one it is swept aside by an unseen force as if being swatted by a large hand. I search with my hands for something with which to fight. Nothing is there. I cry out again "nee!". I concentrate on destroying the giant.

I am aware of a huge hand coming from above. Its thumb and little finger pointing out. It slowly descends upon the giant and as it touches it the giant seems to dissolve. I look up and see three figures high in the sky looking down on me. They are standing in a kind of circle and they beckon me. I rise up through them.  They are the red-haired and golden-haired ladies and a figure I could not make out. I look down and realise that I am high above the same coastline.

I float in the air feeling drained and feel that I can do no more.

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