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Russell, George William - The Man to the Angel



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This is both beautiful poetry, but fascinating.  Russell’s belief was that the ‘world of light’ was both wonderful but a form of slavery. The 'gloom' is being born – the choice to become human.   Accepting the challenge of life incurred pain, but he also appeared to believe that at the times when help was most needed the ‘lips of the Unknown’ would provide comfort.

It is clear from this extract that AE believed, as do most eastern religions, on multiple reincarnations and that there is a final point where no more challenges are issued ‘I am myriad years of pain nearer to the fount of life’.


A description of the experience

They are but the slaves of Light
Who have never known the gloom
And between the dark and bright
Willed in freedom their own doom ..

Pure one, from your pride refrain
Dark and lost amid the strife
I am myriad years of pain
Nearer to the fount of life

When defiance fierce is thrown
At the God to whom you bow
Rest the lips of the Unknown
Tenderest upon thy brow

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Russell, George William

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