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Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming – Qigong Meditation Embryonic Breathing - On the Shen



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Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming – Qigong Meditation Embryonic Breathing

The Chinese believe that when your [connection with your] Shen reaches a higher and stronger state, you are able to sense and feel more sharply and your mind is more wise and inspired.

The world of living human beings is usually considered a yang world and the spirit world is considered a Yin world.  When your Shen [communication] has reached its higher, more sensitive state you can transcend your mind’s normal capacity.

Ideas beyond your usual grasp can be understood and controlled and you may develop the ability to sense or even communicate with the Yin world.

This connection with the Shin is called ‘Ling’.  A Ling person is someone who is sharp, wise, nimble and able to quickly empathise with people and things.

It is believed that when you die, the supernatural Shen will not die with your body.  The Shen holds your energy together, a ghost is called Ling Gui – Gui is a ghost………..

Chinese people believe that if a person has reached the stage of enlightenment or ‘Buddhahood’ when he is alive, after he dies this supernatural spirit [Ling Shen] will leave the cycle of reincarnation and live forever.  These spirits are called ‘Shen Ming’ which means spiritually enlightened beings or simply Shen which here implies the spirit has become divine.

Normally if you die and your supernatural spirit is not strong, your spirit has only a short time to search for a new residence in which to be reborn before its energy disperses.  In this case the spirit is called Gui which means a ghost.


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