Spiritual concepts


A state in which one is not only aware of the spiritual world's existence but has an understanding of

There are four types of experience associated  with enlightenment and the wisdom acquired is often gradually filtered through as each experience is obtained.  Of the experiences shown below, the kundalini experience may or may not be a precursor stage.  The last three experiences, however, are specific stages of enlightenment.

  • Kundalini – a precursor stage to moksha and nirvana, in which energy travels up and down the spine.  It may or may not result in Ecstasy.   A very early stage of enlightenment
  • Ecstasy - the communication channels are opened to the Higher spirit but there is no merge.  The start of the enlightenment process.
  • Moksha and nirvana – You merge with your composer.  This is often referred to as the ‘chemical wedding’.  An advanced stage of enlightenment.
  • Annihilation– the personality is annihilated and ‘you’ as a personality cease to exist.  The Higher spirit  then takes over, but in effect you become ‘divine’ – a sort of ‘god’ completely in touch with the spiritual world at all its levels. Full enlightenment.


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