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Eleanor C Merry - The Flaming Door - The Bardic cult



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Eleanor C Merry – The Flaming Door

To become an initiate in the Mysteries at that time was to become enlightened in respect of the physical world; and for this a higher clairvoyant perception of the spiritual nature of the Universe was necessary, because this gave a clearer understanding of the claims and purposes of physical life.

In our own day it is exactly the opposite: initiation is to bring knowledge of the spiritual life………

The Bardic cult, when at its height, corresponded, as regards the scope and direction of its initiatory revelations, to the oldest phases of the Egyptian Mysteries, but about a thousand years later than the Iatter.

But the Druid cult (working together with the later Bardic wisdom) was, if one can put it so, more up to date and more " democratic " ; that is, it had to serve a consciousness among the general mass of the people, more akin to that which the Pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) strove to reach when he abolished the old Amen Mysteries and inaugurated the worship of Aten, the Sun as the Giver of Life; and for this he replaced the enclosed and darkened Temples by the sun-filled courts and sanctuaries of his holy city.

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