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Associate Professor at the University of California, Mrs J P, has an OBE during surgery



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Extracted from the Journal of the American S.P.R. (1908, p. 515). The recipient, Mrs J. P. was a personal acquaintance of Prof. Hyslop, she was an Associate Professor at the University of California.

[also quoted in Professor Ernest Bozzano Les phénomènes de bilocation Traduit de l’italien par Gabriel Gobron and translated further into English by Serge Patlavskiy]

" At the age of 24 I was given an anaesthetic during surgery. As I was about to regain consciousness, it seemed to me that I was free in the room , but without my body. I had the feeling that I was transformed into a spirit, that I had achieved the desired peace through pain.

I looked down at my lying, inert body on the bed. There were my mother-in-law's two sisters in the room: one of them, sitting on the bed, warming my hands, the other, standing on the other side, watching. I did not know how the feeling that imminent suffering and hardship would be reserved for them, things whose memory I have not kept, but which I understood should be part of the theme of their destiny. I didn't want to go back into my body at all, but I felt compelled to go back in spite of my desire.

The most curious thing about my experience was that when I was barely awake, I asked. "Where is Mrs. K.?" To which my mother-in-law replied:

"How can you know she came here?"

Indeed, Mrs K. was not there, and she came when I was asleep and my eyes were closed.

I replied, "I saw her standing there". I did not add anything else, because there is nothing in common between us on this subject. I was afraid of making a fool of myself by telling the story of the experience I had just had. Until then I had never been able to understand what those who claimed the existence of a future life meant."

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