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Gurdjieff - Sacred dance



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I don’t actually know what specific experiences were had in this example, but in Ouspensky’s writing the predominant experience appears to have been a sense of peace.  Some people doing this are recorded as going into a ‘trance’, but there are no details of what happened during the trance state unfortunately

Gurdjieff used three sorts of sacred dance: 

  • One was whirling and swirling like the Sufi dance
  • Another used a form of quaking and shaking   - which you can see here
  • And a third used extremely repetitive movements in which you chanted. 

The clips shown below are examples of his last approach one of which  has the added advantage as a dance that it is not only highly repetitive, but might count as a route march and thus frenetic activity

I have also not used the conventions I have used in the other observations - the 'source' is actually ordinary people, but I think it is helpful to know that Gurdjieff himself devised the dances

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Gurdjieff, George Ivanovich

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