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Sterry, Peter - The State of a Saint's Soul and Body in Death



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The State of a Saints Soul and Body in Death.

THe peculiar consolations, and joys of Death to a Saint, pour forth them∣selves, into ten distinct channels, or streams.

1. Death is no dissolution to the Soul, or Body of a Saint, but a restitution and return of both to liberty, peace, and perfection.

2. Both descend no more, but ascend in Death.

3. Death hath in it no melancholy overcast, or unpleasant darkning to the Soul or Body; but a sweet, unexpected, surprising, and ravishing increase of a pure, divine, and triumphant light, circling in, and shining through all.

4. Death casts no deformity upon either part of a Saint, but cloaths both with an heavenliness, amiableness, and beauty.

5. Death is no streightning, or imprisonment to Body, or Soul, but a bles∣sed enlarging of both to a divine state, and freedom.

6. The Death of a Saint hath nothing bitter in it; but is a spring of pure sweetnesses, and pleasures dividing itself into every part, and making all the garden of God.

7. There is nothing of the Devil in the Death of a Saint; but Christ ri∣sen, and glorified is all, fills all, and shines thorow all.

8. Death hath nothing of wrath in it; but is all divine love unvailing it∣self.

9. There is nothing of Death in the Death of a Saint; but life, and im∣mortality unclouded, and shining forth clearly.

10. Death is no other thing to a Saint than a heightning of his spirituali∣ty, making him all thorough-out spiritual, purely spiritual, without any mixture unchangeably spiritual without any interruptions, inconstancies, or dark intervals.

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Sterry, Peter

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