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Wild lettuce bliss



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It's a Wonderful Life Lactuca spp. by Shnoogie EROWID

Okay, I take my wild lettuce and put it in a food processor, I had 8.3g of lettuce and chopped it up and put it in a zip-lok bag and put about 5oz of rubbing alcohol in the bag with the lettuce and shook and squeezed it for a few minutes. I repeated shaking and squeezing through a 24 hour period, every few hours or so.

When 24hrs is up, I put it in a glass bowl or pan then I filter it into the bowl/pan and let it sit infront of a fan for another 24hrs. When I see this again all of my alcohol is now gone and I am left with this liquid that appears greenish black. If it's not already solid then I can take a blow dryer and put it on hot and just simply make it a solid but it doesn't take log for it to harden.

2 of us smoked some, just barely hitting it with the flam we've done 0.5 and feel WONDERFUL.

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