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Kava, disability and depression



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Citation:   Angel. "Double Whammy: Disability & Depression: An Experience with Kava (ID 25536)". Erowid.org. Jul 24, 2003. erowid.org/exp/25536

A once very very active person, I became disabled 9 years ago (age 38) due to congenital conditions and cumulative injuries (from athletics, car accidents, and manual labor): cervical stenosis, degenerative disc disease, neck/tailbone/sacroiliac injuries, repetitive stress injuries of limbs, fibromyalgia, migraines, IBS, clinical anxious-depression, insomnia due to chronic pain. I'm not kidding.

It's been a hellish passage through worker's comp/voc rehab/SSDI/the medical establishments. So much experimentation with treatments on all counts (physiological/psychological/ emotional/spiritual). Out of the work way of life for all this time, yet working harder than I EVER have! Ironic, no?!

And the prescription meds? You name a bunch, I probably know too much about most of them.

As far as 'alternative' treatment substances, that's all been my own doing. I've been a gardener and herbalist prior, and with that as a base, researched more with an eye out for things that would address these conditions, my particular physiology (extremely sensitive - really), way of life, temperament, and the meds I've fairly well stablized with (as much as that's been possible).

So, speaking of Kava - yes - a resounding YES from me! ... I've had only the best of benefits. My first few times using it were amazing! I felt a settling into a so desperately needed relaxation ALONG with a mental clarity and overall presence of well-being, as I can't even remember when, ever.

Kava has been a reliable muscle relaxant (oh please!), an anxiety queller (thank the stars), and a depression alleviator (unbelievable). I never imagined taking in a substance that would clearly assist with my symptoms withOUT: sedating me to a zombie-like state; put me to sleep wherever/whenever; exacerbate my migraines and IBS symptoms; leaving my mouth dry as dust; causing painful itching attacks; messing with my memory and articulation (2 of my worthiest gifts dammit!) etc.........

Kava does not of the above. The only time I had a reaction was when I had already taken another opioid-based pain med, and/or an NSAID, along with my regular meds. The Kava was nullified on top of those and simply kicked my migraine response into high gear (too much/many meds for pain at one time will always do this to me).

Because of my hypersensitivity to ... just about anything *s* ... I only need a little once or twice a day, as needed.

Okay, enough of my near deification of the plant! I am just very grateful for finding it

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