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Hazel Cornwell - His face was beautiful, all his lines had gone



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The light would have been a shared hallucination - note that this is not derogatory it is simply saying their composers gave them shared spiritual input

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from Telling Tales - Life as it was - Told by those who lived it - M. Swaddling [2006]

My dad sadly died of cancer in 1934, but when he passed away something wonderful happened. Mum and I went up to see him in an old-fashioned hospital in Fulham where they put the patients in big cots, and over Dad’s cot was a small window. I've always felt it was a miracle because we were sat there, and his face was really drawn with pain, when all of a sudden I saw a light go from his chest, over his head and up through the window. When I looked back at his face it was beautiful – all his lines had gone.  When we got back home that night I said to my Mum,

‘That was a strange thing with dad today’ and before I could go any further she said ‘I know what you’re going to tell me, because I saw it too’

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