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Possible Medicinal Properties  - Lactuca spp. by Smokey

I live in the part of town that is halfway rural, so the wild lettuce really grows wild here. In my back yard I have found countless weeds belonging to the species and some in the genus that work just the same. I am sitting on an acre, so these plants do have a lot of room to grow, literally in herds scattered next to each other. Not only are they big in numbers, but contrary to what some resourses specifies as their maximum height, I found some at eight feet tall. Now that is big. So after getting an estimate of three hundred dollars to get rid of the weeds in my back yard, I decided to take it into my own hands to clean up the yard and experiment with these plants a little bit because it just seemed a little more rewarding than wasting three hundred dollars.

After doing a little research I learned that not unlike opium poppy, the most valuable part of this plant is the sap. Knowing this I decided to collect the sap. It took forever and a day just to get a gram of this precious milk that the plant bleeds when its leaves are torn off, but I would later learn that it was worth it. A little bit went into an oil burner, it took only a flake, flattened out to stick flat onto the bottom of the oil burner. I lit it and it smelled spicy.

The effects of wild lettuce are like a mild opium buzz, with noticeable muscle relaxation, numbness and loss of coordination. Yes I can actually feel something with wild lettuce. Not only that, but it will make me horny. I had multiple orgasms with my partner that night in one act of sexual intercourse, which is rare for me these days. It is definitely not like marijuana, nor could it be a substitute for it.

All in all, wild lettuce could be good to treat back pain or as a sexual stimulant. I would not recommend driving on wild lettuce though due to the loss of coordination. Use common sense and be safe.

11 Days Later:

I just wanted to do a follow up to my previous Wild Lettuce report. I made an extract to wild lettuce using 99% isopropyl and what I got out of it was an orangish-red thick syrup-like substance. I proceeded to smoke it in the same manner I smoked the wild lettuce sap in my previous report, only I was able to take bigger hits since I had more product from less material. It was HARSH! I immediately coughed it up. It had no spicy smell to it and I felt nothing. Although the sap would be a good substitute for Vicodin, I would have to say that the extract would be a good substitute for shit.

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