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Overweight 36 year old runs



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which may no longer be available.  It was Scott Dunlap's blog of trail running, ultra running, and triathlon racing in the Western United States. Scott was the 2004 Overall Champion for the Trail Runner Magazine Trophy Series (marathon-and-shorter division), the largest trail running series in the world. This blog contained interviews, research, original fiction, new product ideas, and all things trail running….


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Anonymous” January 2008

I have read every post here with a great eagerness for proving that what I am feeling is real. I have been scoffed at for telling people I am feeling a runner's high at only 40 minute 5k runs (I am new to running, started 4 months ago), but I AM! Like some others here, I spent a good deal of the 80s getting high so I can clearly identify a physical/emotional change within myself. I am certain it is the music that sparks my high and it happens almost everytime I am out. Do I consider myself lucky? CERTAINLY!

The music begins to pound with me totally in sync with it, I beam (yes, I think there may actually be rays emmitting from my face LOL) out a smile that must look so goofy to passersby (twice I even bawled). I get a chill that creeps up over me, I feel my scalp bounce (weird huh?), suddenly I feel as though I am running like a Kenyan and I just boot it -- no pain just pounding. Then, seconds later its gone.

I wonder if I get these highs after short distances because, to me, these short distances are so challenging to this overweight, 36 year old?? Or maybe because I am able to harness the feeling, welcome the feeling and not fear it, let it wash over me like those particularly satisfying times with my husband (oh, yes, equating the feeling to orgasms). Thank god this is an anonymous post!!

Soooooo much better than the highs of the 80s because I can feel good about myself after....and no hangover!

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