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Pam’s kundalini awakening was brought on by 5 years intensive psychotherapy, dream analysis and regular meditation practise



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Dr Yvonne Kason – Farther Shores

The following story was told to me by a 48 year old gay woman – Pam.  Her kundalini awakening, which was brought on by 5 years intensive psychotherapy, dream analysis and regular meditation practise was marked by dramatic rushes of energy up her body, strong sensations of light and overwhelming feelings of love and bliss.  It led to tremendous psychological changes

I'm not too proud of the person I used to be. I suppose it was all part of my growing-up process. Before my spiritual awakening, I was a pretty mixed-up person. I used marijuana and hashish regularly. I drank alcohol to excess almost every weekend. But I was most unhappy with my personal relationships. I felt powerless and needy of love, so I put up with a lot of emotional abuse.

After my kundalini awakening I found it very easy to quit drinking alcohol, using drugs, and smoking. I suddenly became aware that the physical and sexual abuse I had experienced in my childhood was affecting my behaviour today. I started working with my psychotherapist with renewed vigour, to try to work through my childhood traumas and sexual abuse that had helped make me act this unhealthy way.

Now, five years after my kundalini awakening, I feel that I am different person. I have completely changed my circle of friends. I am in a long-term monogamous relationship which is tender and caring. I have been drug-free for years. I volunteer regularly for a small community service organization which helps sexual abuse survivors. I strive to be as loving and as open as possible in all my relationships. My spiritual growth has become the most important thing in my life.

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