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Fasting and toxins



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This, though anecdotal, is fascinating.  It implies that by undergoing a carefully controlled fasting process, you can release toxins from the body.

It also shows where toxins are stored - in body fat, as such being obese is especially bad news as the body fat provides a veritable paradise for every toxin, parasite and so on you are unfortunate enough to ingest

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Citation:   stuart. "Fasting Bringing on Flashback?: An Experience with Fasting (ID 29185)". Erowid.org. Dec 15, 2003. erowid.org/exp/29185

I don't know if you're after this kind of stuff. Around 3 months ago I went on a 7 day fast and colonic course on an island in Southern Thailand. About 10 years previously I had a reasonably heavy period of LSD use (circa 200 tabs - range of strengths, over about 6 months) Have had it probably a half dozen times since then.

Anyway, on day 6 of the fast experienced a range of sensations that, to my mind, were identical to the onset of good quality LSD - the very rapid raise to a euphoria and to the point where I used to describe as 'my mind feeling like it wanted to roll over and vomit' (in a really good way). Overall period was not very long - 5-10 minutes max and the euphoria stopped very suddenly and back to normal. Not visual or aural in anyway. Overall sensation was very pleasant, though it did take me by surprise as I certainly didn't expect it to take place so there was a little panic on my behalf (it hit me just before I was due to go in for a colonic).

Talked to the nutritionist later on about it, she said could be related to toxins that were stored in my body fat from yen years back, being re-released back into the bloodstream and to the brain before to liver for processing as a part of the fasting process

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