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Russell, George William - Candle of Vision



Type of Spiritual Experience


An hallucination that appears to have developed to become a full vision - alternatively the hallucination filled his entire field of view.  This is not technically speaking ecstasy, but it filled him with peace.
This is what an angel really looks like.


A description of the experience

AE George Russell

The first time I saw them with great vividness I was lying on a hillside alone in the west of Ireland in County Sligo.  I had been listening to music in the air, and to what seemed to be the sound of bells and was trying to understand these aerial clashes in which wind seemed to break upon wind in an ever changing musical silvery sound.  Then the space before me grew luminous and I began to see one beautiful being after another – tall, self luminous, opalescent beings whose sight brought joy and ecstasy

The source of the experience

Russell, George William

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