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Jóhann J. E Kúld - Says goodbye to his dead wife



Type of Spiritual Experience


Hallucination only because the image and sensations had to be manufactured for him by his composer, otherwise she was there.

The experience happened shortly after the death of his wife.

A description of the experience

Erlandhur Haraldsson - The Departed among the Living
Johann Kuld is a Scandinavian writer

She came to me, pushing open the door of the room and smiling.  I stared at her stared at her as if I was hypnotized and could not say anything. She felt warm, normal. She explained that she was there to say good bye, and bid me lie down on the bed with her for a time.

I did as she asked. 

She stroked my cheek and whispered beautiful things to me. And I was filled with a feeling of joy. Then I was filled with a calm and I was surrounded with a sense of peace that cannot be described with words.

I sank into sleep as she caressed me, and when I awoke, she was gone.

This incident is still so vivid in my mind. It does not get old or fade with the years that have passed
since then. I have often asked myself: 'Could I have dreamt it all?' But my answer is a definite: "No." This was reality as far as there is a reality.

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