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Gynaecological haemorrhage



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What happens when we die – Dr Sam Parnia

I suffered a gynaecological haemorrhage and was admitted as an emergency to hospital. It happened again. This time it was worse and I was lying in a pool of blood. The doctor was called and there was a lot of urgent activity around my bed.... that was the last thing I remembered. Then I was high on the ceiling of the ward looking down upon the bed – which seemed to be a long way down – and saw the doctors and nurses around the bed working on the person lying there. I was surrounded by a strong light. I did not go through any tunnels. I was not frightened – in fact I was very happy, very peaceful and in awe of the wonderful light all around me. The light was so beautiful – brighter than the clearest sunshine and yet not dazzling. I had never seen such light before and never felt such peace

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