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The atheist who met Jesus in an NDE



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Love is the Link – Dr Pamela Kircher

This lady was an atheist and extremely angry about dying young, when she had barely begun to live. Her husband held similar views. As the patient became less and less responsive, her husband sat by her side in intense anger and grief.

When the patient had been unresponsive for two days, she suddenly awakened to tell her husband of a remarkable experience.

She had found herself going down a tunnel that was at first frightening because of the sense of lack of control and the speed of the traveling. However, she began to be attracted to a bright Iight at the end of the tunnel. To her amazement, as she approached the light, she felt surrounded by an  incredible feeling of peace and love and she saw Jesus with his arms outstretched. Her tension, anger, and pain melted away. She felt that she had a choice about staying, but she wanted to tell her husband about the experience since it was so helpful and so different than what they had both believed about death.

With the decision made, she found herself back in her body struggling toward consciousness to share her story.

After sharing this story, she became peacefully unresponsive and died a day or two later in peace. Needless to say, that shared experience was enormously helpful to her husband in the grieving process.

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