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Gary Craig's 'revelation'



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Gary Craig is the founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), a Stanford engineering graduate and an ordained minister with the Universal Church of God in Southern California which is non-denominational and embraces all religions. He describes himself as “an avid student of A Course In Miracles”.

Gary was born April 13, 1940 and has been intensely interested in personal improvement via psychology since age13. Since then he has been self taught in this field, seeking only those procedures that, in his opinion, produced results. He considers EFT, the core of which he learned from Dr. Roger Callahan, to be ‘an important tool to achieving the highest levels of healing’. He also has ‘a high regard for Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)’ in which he is a Certified Master Practitioner.

A description of the experience

Upon awakening one morning in 1988 I suddenly found myself in the glorious presence of our Creator. I was an unlikely recipient of this gift because, at the time, you would not have called me religious or spiritual. Further, there was no dramatic cause of this event, like being struck by lightning or praying endlessly for an audience with God. Instead, I managed to “let go of this world” out of an ongoing frustration and, as a result, the experience magically appeared.

Here’s how it happened.

I was lying in bed mentally complaining about the massive list of things to do that I had piled upon myself and then emphatically thought…


These weren’t just idle words. I genuinely meant them. Their underlying meaning was more like, “What a messed up, useless, overwhelming world this is. Let me outta here!”

And with that I “let go of this world” and spontaneously flipped over to “the other side.” Please understand that this breath-taking state didn’t just show up out of nowhere. Rather, it was as though it had always been there and was just waiting for me to shove the debris of my existing beliefs aside and allow its presence to appear.  I had, at least temporarily, achieved the central goal of A Course In Miracles, namely....

"to remove the blocks to the awareness of Love's presence."

I was instantly in a state of wonderment … awe … bliss. It wasn’t a hallucination or vision wherein I saw the ghostly figures of God, Jesus, Buddha or the like. Rather, it was a knowing … a mental state wherein bodies and the trinkets of this world are meaningless. My poor engineer’s left brain was rendered useless and every belief I thought was true was turned upside down.

Two obvious truths emerged from this episode, both of which violate everything we believe. To me, they form the foundation of a new level of healing and, until we accept them, we are destined to vacillate between diseases and disasters (with islands of pleasure in between) until our fictional bodies finally deteriorate and die. Here are these truths:

(1) The state I reached is our true reality; it is lovingly waiting in the wings whenever we “let go of this world” AND

(2) The notion of being in a separated body is an illusion … a dream … a fiction that we have created.

I know this violates all our senses and every belief we have. But stay with me. We are just beginning.

In this spiritual state there is neither birth nor death. Nor is there hunger, poverty, war, disease, or any of the other limitations of life that show up in our Land of Separate Bodies. In fact, in this splendid space, these things are impossible. Instead, there is only a deep awareness of intense Love that is far beyond anything experienced on earth. That’s because it is not of this earth. ...

This state creates an invulnerability because no weapon or calamity of any kind can touch it. This also means we live forever, although forever is a strange term because time does not exist in this condition. There is only an ecstatic NOW. Neither yesterday nor tomorrow exist. Neither do debts nor old age. Further, you do not need to worry about what other individuals think of you because there are no other individuals. There is only a spiritual Oneness within which we are all joined and “belong” in an elegant ethos of ecstasy.

While in this experience, my fondest desire was to stay there. But, alas, I soon “came back” into this nonsensical mirage that we call The World. But it has colored my life ever since. Like others having the privilege of this enlightenment, I have rarely discussed it publicly because it seems too woo-woo for most people. What few dialogues I had were usually polite and “interesting,” but went nowhere. But it is ridiculous to leave our true reality in the closet simply because it violates the erroneous beliefs we have about ourselves. As you will see, these beliefs are easily challengeable.

Now skeptics might ask, “How do you know your experience wasn’t just a delusion?”

To which I would respond, “How do you know that your experience of life in a separated body isn’t just a delusion?”

Therein lie the seeds of a great debate between those who have experienced this exquisite phenomenon and those who have not. Although you have every right to be skeptical, these writings will show the existence of this state and how it can be achieved by all of us. Indeed, it MUST be attained by all of us because it is our answer to war, disease, poverty and the like.

Please know that these aren’t the mere musings of an energetic engineer who has become lost in his own mental meanderings.  Indeed, I am not alone in this pursuit and am but one of a growing number of enthusiasts pounding the table for these truths. 

We have an ambitious job before us and we can best do it as a team. After all, in our true state of spiritual Oneness, we ARE a team already. My job includes moving back towards my Revelation and sharing the process with you. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to team up with this worldwide effort, share your experience with others and, like me, get as far along the spiritual path as you can. Eventually, we can solve the world’s many ailments and conflicts.  We can do this, not by actually solving them, but by recognizing that they are illusions and cannot exist once we have adopted our true reality.  The problems will simply fade for lack of interest.

We are radically thinking outside the box here.  We are saying that our senses are deceiving us and that our true reality has nothing to do with bodies that deteriorate and die.  I respect that this may be too far outside the box for you and take no offense if you choose to pass on it.  But if you stay with me, I will eventually prove it to you and our joint rewards will be immense.  Better stated, they will be “out of this world

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