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Marie-Claire experiences divine love in her NDE



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The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences – Dr Penny Sartori

Marie-Claire's NDE demonstrates quite a few of the after effects of an NDE:

I became ill with meningitis and was sent to hospital, where I stayed for a month. I remember being in the most terrible pain, like my head was being crushed and not liking bright lights. I was put on a drip and then felt myself falling and I pinched my hand to see if I was dreaming - I was not! Suddenly I was in what felt like a dark tunnel, travelling at enormous speed and at the end was a brilliant golden light which didn't hurt my eyes. When I reached the end I saw my family and patients (I used to be a nurse), all standing with beautiful smiles and open arms, enveloping me in such love. It was amazing!

Even our family pets that had died years before were welcoming me.

Some were patients who had had amputations before they died, but now they had limbs and were walking.  A voice, which came into my head, asked me if I wanted to remain with them or return back to where I’d come from.

I remember very clearly I said, 'Oh goodness I’d love to stay but first I must return to tidy my bedroom!' I'm a children’s nanny and I'd left books on the floor before I collapsed. Suddenly I felt myself being pulled back very rapidly by what looked like a silver cord, a very fine one, and then I was screaming in pain because I was woken up by doctors and nurses. I told them - why didn't you leave me alone, I was blissfully happy to be free from pain? Their response shocked me!

They said, but you had died, we saved your life, and I felt terribly guilty having shouted at them, not appreciating what had happened to me. Of course once I was on the road to recovery I was grateful for my life being saved and I've never looked back.

Since I died I became a spiritualist and l'm not afraid to die; I know for certain, this life is one of many, and we do meet our loved ones eventually. Also it made me a better person and I try to do at least five kind things a day for other people. I love helping my friends and family and I give most of my salary to others who need it much more than I do. Whoever spoke to me on the other side, spoke with such love, it made me cry just thinking about it once I recovered.

I shall never forget the love and kindness when I came back; it's something I've never experienced since. Hopefully when my time comes I'll meet the same people I saw before and more!

Also, the colours were very different to those here on earth, I can't tell you the colours because I've never seen them before, just that they were absolutely stunning. The flowers were really glorious too, mostly white and the green grass looked like green velvet, it's hard to explain!

Sometimes - just sometimes - I wish I could travel back because my precious twin sister passed away five years ago. How I miss her; we were so very close and I loved her dearly. I hope this has not been too boring for you but it's absolutely true and, as I've mentioned, I'm not scared of dying. I know it’s just pure love on the other side wherever it is in God's universe!

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