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This book, which covers Visions and hallucinations, explains what causes them and summarises how many hallucinations have been caused by each event or activity. It also provides specific help with questions people have asked us, such as ‘Is my medication giving me hallucinations?’.

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Osty, Dr Eugene - Supernormal faculties in Man – M. de Fleuriere describes ecstasy



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 Supernormal faculties in Man- Dr Eugene Osty

M. de Fleuriere, a metagnomic subject in the waking state, thus describes his psychic condition when using this special faculty:

 "In what concerns myself, I am fully aware that my mental state has nothing in common with my usual psychic condition. I instantly enter a kind of second state. I am no longer the same man; I neither see nor feel after the same manner. I experience a kind of duplication of personality; or rather, it is as if a personality hidden in the deepest part of my being rose up and took the place of my normal personality.

Nevertheless, it does not seem to me that my habitual psychism is completely evicted or abolished. Not so; but under the conscious mind that directs my ordinary life, I feel the working of a subconscious intelligence quicker and better informed than the former, which has therefore a right to direct, to enlighten, and to complete it.

If this state is prolonged, I feel myself literally intoxicated, as if by the rapture that is felt in musical or poetic composition, and to such a point that I often lose entirely the notion of the place where I am and of the objects that interest me. I enter and leave this state very quickly, almost as quickly as one opens or shuts one's eyes, so as to open or close contact with the external world.

After long seances I am not in a condition less favourable to the exercise of this faculty, but quite contrariwise. I feel the rapture growing, and the more it grows, the greater is the mental exaltation which intensifies my faculty of supernormal vision.

(Extract from a manuscript note by M. de Fleuriere to Dr. Osty, May 22nd, 1922.)


In M. de Fleuriere I have met with a subject who, in addition to the more usual metagnomic activity, has the power of perceiving what he calls "the fluid" of persons whom he touches. These fluidic emanations enter his consciousness under the semblance of coloured visions and tactile sensations so precise and sharply characterised that they are to him complexes which delineate human individualities. The touch of no two persons gives him the same total sensation. A customary proceeding of his is to distinguish, by mere contact of hands, the personal " fluid " from those of others present, whom he recognizes if they have previously been presented to the test of his faculty, and whom he can even name if the names are known to him.

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Osty, Dr Eugene

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