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“Seven Minutes in Eternity ” With Their Aftermath By William Dudley Pelley

WHAT is this thing which has happened to me and why did it happen?

First, I believe my subconscious hunger after what the Bible terms “the things of the Spirit” — that is, the sincere desire to penetrate behind the mediocrity of three-meal-a-day living and ascertain what mystery lay behind this Golgotha of Existence — that I attracted spiritual forces of a very high and altruistic order to me who aided me in making a hyperdimensional visitation.

Second, it goes without saying that having made such a visitation and having had certain questions concretely answered by those I confronted in that dimension, my subconscious (or for that matter conscious) knowledge of what the Fourth Dimension is, and means, and what can be done within its area, undertook to operate first upon my physical body and performed the rejuvenation which subsequently came to me.

And yet I can no more explain the Fourth Dimension with words than I can convey to a man blind from birth the redness of the color red. I know what it is myself, as I know what redness is. I can see how it interpenetrates Matter, constituting the “inside” of it, so to speak, and how projections from it must come out the reverse of what we know them on the physical plane.

But I can no more make it intelligible to the average American reader than Einstein can explain Relativity to a group of men in a smoking-car.

The average man or woman without his spiritual perceptions duly awakened cannot possess any equipment to assimilate what I may be trying to tell him — any more than the blind man can assimilate the “redness” of red of he never had eyes capable of knowing the peculiar attributes of Matter-Energy known as “color”, or any more than exponents of Relativity can convey their meaning to those unfamiliar with advanced mathematics.

Third, these experiences — the visitation, the knowledge that was bestowed in the visitation and as a result of it — immediately revealed to me that there is a world of subliminal existence interpenetrating the ordinary world in which most of us exist as ordinary two-legged Americans full of aches and worries, and that this subliminal world is the real world — the world of “stern reality” if you will — that it is waiting for the race to learn of it and “tap” its beneficent resources long before what we call physical death, that our “dead” dear ones are existant in it, alive happy, conscious and waiting for us to join them either at death or any time we reach that stage of spirituality where he can make contact with them much as I did.

UNDERSTAND thoroughly — I am not a Spiritualist, an Occultist, or a Psychic Researcher in the ordinary meaning of those terms. I am not trying to convert anyone to anything. I'm simply telling you that something happened to me that was not consciously self-invited, that my friends attest to even a greater alteration having taken place in my personality than I am capable of feeling from within — although I feel plenty.

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Pelley, William Dudley

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