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Turner, Tina - The sound, which comes out of you that gives you peace



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Tina Turner - Teachings of Mindfulness - 'Beyond'

Andrea Miller deputy editor of Lion's Roar magazine (formerly Shambhala Sun)

On Beyond, you say, “Sing—singing takes you beyond.”

The singing that I am referring to on the CD is one that comes out of you when you hum. It’s not necessarily a song, rather it’s that moment when you find yourself making sounds from within—
from your heart, from your spirit.

Each person has a musical song from their bodies. That is something I learned over time. You can play the tune of your name and this is the hum from inside of you that can give you peace when you are really down.

My grandmother had a hum, never a song. She would hum sitting in a rocking chair and I would listen.

As a singer, I wanted to know what my grandmother was singing. But it was the song of her soul.

This song I am referring to is about singing, being happy, enjoying music, and even when you’re depressed, still singing. You must try to find that sound or song within you. You might find that it is just a “huuuaa” or a “hum” or something in falsetto. But it is a sound, which comes out of you that gives you peace.

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Turner, Tina

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