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Smoking banana peel - INTENSE EROTIC HIGHS ON BANANADINE - The Lycaeum forum



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From time immemorial there has been a myth circulating that smoking banana peel produces intense erotic experiences of bliss and peace, hallucinations, out of body experiences - plus many more amazing effects.

It has become such a well known joke that some compete in the forums to invent the best story of what happened, we have an example in the description, which is one of the more imaginative and funny.

But the daftest thing is that, despite the fact the entire story below is a complete fabrication, banana peel contains dopamine and is being seriously studied to help those with Parkinson's disease.

Depending on the banana, Dopamine levels of 22-48 micrograms per gram have been found in the fruit pulp, but  210-720 micrograms per gram has been found in the fruit peel [see references Riggin et al].

Generally speaking we do not eat the peel deliberately, or smoke it,  but there is an increasing interest in the use of the peel of bananas in food processing, especially for those who are gluten intolerant.......

Effect of banana pulp and peel flour on physicochemical properties and in vitro starch digestibility of yellow alkaline noodles - Ramli S et al; Universitas Syiah Kuala, Fakultas Teknik, Jurusan Teknik Kimia, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
The present study describes the utilization of banana--Cavendish (Musa acuminata L., cv cavendshii) and Dream (Musa acuminata colla. AAA, cv 'Berangan')--pulp and peel flours as functional ingredients in yellow alkaline noodles. Noodles were prepared by partial substitution of wheat flour with ripe banana pulp or peel flours. ….. In conclusion, banana pulp and peel flour could be useful for controlling starch hydrolysis of yellow noodles, even though some physicochemical properties of the noodles were altered.

 Myth may become reality.  I'm not sure who the joke will be on though......

A description of the experience


Ok, Banana peels have a substance called Bananadine in them which is a psychoactive tryptamine chemically related to LSD and DMT. I would say it lies somewhere in between. Now, to extract the Bananadine one must scarpe the chemical from the inside of the banana peels and then there are two ways to freebase it. It is only active if you smoke it, although I`ve heard of some people injecting it (Although this is dangerous because banadine has strychnine in it, permenantly binding the bananadine to the spine, where crystals may form if taken too often)

Anyway, to freebase, the best method is to mix 1/3 banandine with 2/3 baking soda (Bicarbonate) and then slowly mix in water and bring the mixture to boiling temperature. You should be left with a rock like substance which looks very much like crack (hence... the street name: Banrack) This is then smoked through a crack pipe for best results... or simply heat and inhale the fumes. The other way is to simply make a joint with the bananadine and smoke it.... but this smoking it pure gives more of a Peanut high effect, which is undesirable for some people.

Bananadine works by entering the blood stream and going to the brain where it is converted to the neurotransmitter Bananodin, where it is taken up by a group of receptors called the Bananyocine receptors.

The high is very very intense, and one can get addicted to it the first time you take a hit, mostly because of the action of strychnine, which inhibts the bananyocine receptors and causes chromosome damage, which can eventually lead to a fluctuation in hormone levels causing men to grow breasts...

I would recommend you to try it though cause its defenitly worth the high it gives.... ohhh... and it also makes sex the most intense thing ever experienced... orgasms are heightened to the extent that some people are known to have gotten heart attacks...

--- Debaser (David Laurence)

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Identification of salsolinol as a major dopamine metabolite in the banana - Riggin RM, McCarthy MJ, Kissinger PT; J Agric Food Chem. 1976 Jan-Feb;24(1):189-91. PMID: 1245664