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Vaughan, Dr Alan – My psychic state while hooked up to a brainwave analyzer



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Patterns of Prophecy – Alan Vaughan


One surprising aspect of going into my psychic state is the change it effects in my personality and well-being. As I remove the barriers to enable psychic impressions to come in, and also extend my psychic field to the person for whom I am trying to get impressions, I find myself becoming much more open in the conventional sense.

A sort of loving feeling comes often with this, and an inner sense of well-being rises up and exudes what I might call a charismatic feeling. This charismatic feeling is particularly evident when I attempt to heal someone.

In part, my technique is to try to feel a tremendous sense of well-being within myself and then project this via the psychic field to the other person. A by-product of going into a psychic state, then, is a greater sense of personal well-being, as well as feeling relaxed and in tune with myself.

Another by-product of going into a psychic state is disorientation to the conventional time and space around me.

As I become highly activated, sufficiently enough to lose my sense of ego-identity, then conventional time loses its meaning as I become caught up with extradimensional adventures in the future. I am also likely to forget where I am, so intense is that other place where my consciousness seems to dwell.

In such psychic states, my rational thinking practically vanishes as intuitive and associational thinking takes over.

When I tried to go into my psychic state while hooked up to a brainwave analyzer (a device that displays four brainwave rhythms [alpha, beta, theta, delta] from eight electrodes placed around the forehead), I noticed that the rhythms from the right hemisphere of the brain began to predominate. This seems to fit in with physiological findings that the right hemisphere governs intuitional and non-rational thinking, while the left hemisphere governs logical thinking.

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Vaughan, Dr Alan

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