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Surdas - Fatephur Sikri manuscript - NPS 1744



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POEMS OF SURDAS translated by Professor John Stratton Hawley

Radha is lost to the onslaught of love.
She weeps from tree to tree and finally succumbs,
searching through the forests and groves.

Her braid-a peacock grasps it, thinking it a snake;
her lotus feet attract the bees;
The honey of her voice makes the crow in the kadamb tree
caw, caw to mimic its cuckoo;

Her hands-the tender leaves of blossom-bringing Spring:
the parrot, when he sees, comes near to taste;
And the full moon in her face inspires the cakor bird
to drink the water washing from her eyes.

Her despair, her desperation-the Joy of the Yadus sees it
and appears at her side just in time;
Surdas's Lord takes that seedbud of new birth
and cradles it, a newborn in his arms.

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