Symbols - What does heaven look like


Peacock by Salvador Dali













The peacock is representative of connection to our Higher spirit  - the connection through the Higher spirit to the rest of the spiritual world.

In the first place the peacock takes on the symbolism of all Birds.  That is they are in ascension.

Secondly, the head of a male peacock is symbolic of the opening of the crown chakra – connection with the Higher spirit.  In other words, when it is displaying, the small set of feathers on the top of its head symbolises  the connection the Higher Spirit has made to the rest of the spiritual world.

Its tail represents the  Egg and the Matrix.


The ‘eyes’ are symbolically ‘Atoms’ – collections of spiritual  function within the overall sea of chaos.  Although the colour symbolism isn’t quite right, each eye has all the colours of the Rainbow in it, symbolic of the Levels and layers of the spiritual world.  In the centre is the Eye of God.

In alchemy, the peacock is one of the stages of the 'great work' and part of the Purification stage - usually that related to 'contact', but in some systems it can relate to moksha - the end of purification.

Finally it is blue.  Colour symbolism can vary and the context has to be used.  Here it means Spirit  or spiritual.  Thus this ‘bird’ is a spiritual being in ascent.


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