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Pauli, Wolfgang - Dream, 30th September 1954



Type of Spiritual Experience


It is worth noting that Pauli went to India in 1952 and learnt the symbolism of India

A description of the experience

Dream, 30th September 1954

Together with my wife I am in a house that is located in the Tropics. A cobra rises up from the floor of the room. I can see that it will not harm me. I try my best to be friendly toward it and to show that I am not frightened, and in this I succeed. As a result, it leaves us alone.

But then a second cobra rears up out of the ground in front of the window.

I can see that it is looking for the first cobra and not for us. The snakes are a pair a male and a female.

Once I have got accustomed to the presence of the two cobras, I can hear the voices of two physicists of my acquaintance, B. (Swiss) and K. (Dutch).

Later, I then see them in front of the house.


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Pauli, Wolfgang

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