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Indus valley - Mohenjo-Daro - 04 Great Granary



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A comparison between Anahita one of the many goddesses of love [High Priestesses] and known as 'the moist one' [academics apart from Sir Mortimer Wheeler appear not to understand this epithet], and a seal found at Mohenjo-daro.  The implication is that despite the temptation, the animal urges must be controlled to use these techniques...




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found in the Indus valley, the High Priesteses
clearly needed to be well endowed, more
Marilyn Monroe than Twiggy.

In 1950, Sir Mortimer Wheeler identified one large building in Mohenjo-daro as a "Great Granary".

Sir Mortimer Wheeler was more than likely a freemason and knew exactly what he was talking about. 

A granary is symbolic, it takes its symbolism from the Hourglass and is also connected with the symbolism for Grain

There is double symbolism.  At its simplest, it is the place where spiritual input rains down on you from above, like little seeds from heaven.  But if you are an alchemist [and despite his academic appearance Sir Mortimer Wheeler may have been an alchemist as well], it is a place where one suppresses one’s seed whilst being helped to have a kundalini experience.  The hourglass in this case is very female – a High Priestess in fact.

Indus valley

The following is rather funny if you imagine that ‘The Granary’ was more than likely a temple to love - NOT a brothel, a school and place of initiation.

Certain wall-divisions in its massive wooden superstructure appeared to be grain storage-bays, complete with air-ducts to dry the grain. According to Wheeler, carts would have brought grain from the countryside and unloaded them directly into the bays. However, Jonathan Mark Kenoyer noted the complete lack of evidence for grain at the "granary", which, he argued, might therefore be better termed a "Great Hall" of uncertain function.

Close to the "Great Granary" is the large and elaborate public bath, sometimes called the Great Bath.



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