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Crowley, Aleister - Divine synthesis



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This is Aleister Crowley’s poem, he wasn’t a natural poet, but this is pretty self explanatory, he has tried to cram [cram being the operative word] as much symbolism in here as he could.  The result is ..... well..... very Crowley - he was a magician after all.

I have not bothered to list all the symbols - Crowley has used the symbolism of the spiritual world as applied to the human body of course

A description of the experience

Divine Synthesis

When I think of the many women I have loved from time to time,
White breasts and living bosoms where a kiss might creep or climb,
As on a mountain summit in the thunders and the snow,
I look to the shimmering valley and weep: I loved you so!

You were many indeed, but your love for me was one.
Then I perceived the stars to reflect a single sun.
Not burning suns themselves, in furious regular race,
But mirrors of midnight, lit to remind us of His Face,
Then I beheld the truth: ye are stars that give me light;
But I read you aright and learn I am walking in the night.
I saw the breaking light, and the clouds fled far away:
It was the resurrection of the Golden Star of Day,
And now I live in Him: my heart may trace the years
In drops of virginal blood and springs of virginal tears.
I love you now again with an undivided song 
I saw in your dying embraces the birth of a new embrace:
In the tears of your pitiful faces, another Holier Face,
Unknowing it, undesiring, your lips have led me higher;
You have taught me purer songs beyond your souls' desire;
You have taught me midnight vigils, when you smiled in amorous sleep:
You have even taught me a woman's way to weep.

So, even as you helped me, blindly without your will,
So shall the Angel faces watch for your own souls still.
A little pain and pleasure, a little touch of time,
And you shall blindly reach to the glorious and sublime;
You shall gather up your girdles to make ready for the way,
And by the Cross of Suffering climb seeing to the Day.

Then we shall meet again in the Presence of the Throne,
Not knowing; yet in Him!-Oh Thou! Knowing as we are known.

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Crowley, Aleister

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