Symbols - What does heaven look like


A valley is the opposite of a mountain or hill.  Whereas hills and mountains represent ascent, a valley is descent.  In ascent you move symbolically closer to the spiritual world bliss, happiness and peace.  In descent into the valley you move symbolically away from your composer, away from spiritual experience, away from your Higher spirit.  The result is depression and despair. 

When you say you are feeling ‘low’ this is what a valley means.  The symbolism is neither complex to understand, nor particularly multi-faceted as it can be with other landscape features.  The only thing worth pointing out is that a hugely deep bottomless valley or chasm may be the abyss!

We have valleys of alienation or melancholy, of loneliness and angst, every negative emotion is found in a valley .  Valley dwellers are truly in the shadow, in darkness, because they deny themselves or are being denied all the support of spiritual input.  Those on the mountain are in sun much earlier and longer  – thus physically true but allegorically true too.

It is also possible to ‘see’ valleys or gulfs in the sea or in water, that sink down to the depths of the ocean in a trough.  The symbolism is the same but the severity of the effects can sometimes be greater, the person feels as though they are drowning figuratively in their sorrows, being unhinged by them, being dissolved by them.


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